Callum Turk

Belinda Kae

I’ve worked with and created music for many years and in that time have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in vocal techniques for live and studio recordings, impromptu sessions,  concerts, stage performance and special or intimate occasions.

I enjoy vocal arranging for live sessions, developing others and I’m passionate about the creative writing process in the studio. I enjoy all types of music including traditional and contemporary Christian, Soul, Jazz,  R&B, Neo soul and many more styles and fusions.

1997- Present

Belinda Kae self pens and executive produces vocals for music and theatre genres. Created independent singles and contributed to various artiste projects, musical and theatre projects.

Vocalist, Songwriter, Arranger and Vocal MD for Jewels The Band. A 9 piece strong band, whose music is influenced by jazz, soul, gospel, rock, blues and hip-hop, this reflects in the exciting unique sound. Travelled and toured England, Ireland and Europe promoting and teaching Gospel Music.

Requested to session, write and record on theatre productions, various album styles and youth projects for Eska, Don Kinch, Martin Trotman, Tyrone Huggins, Daniel Bowater and Andy Harsant, Errol Davis, Ollie Pinnock, Stuart & Martin Totman, Genevieve Sylva, Jennifer Wallace, Giorgio Ammirabilis (Italy), Nanci Fletcher (USA) Julie Dexter (USA) Kim Burrell (USA) Ben Grace (Australia) Julie Dexter (UK) Barry Taylor (UK) Rekta (France). Varying from Hip hop, Rap, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Traditional Gospel to Contemporary Christian music

 Performed at incredible venues Birmingham’s Drum, Conservatoire, CBSO Centre, Fairfield Hall. The GMTV and BBC Studios, Italian Television, Slovakian EU induction and Poland’s largest Christian music expo to name a few.

Written and taught songs for various children’s choirs Regent Street, Smethwick children’s choir..  Aberdeen Street’s youth weekend conference commissioned me to conduct a Songwriting seminar which was awesome and fulfilling.

Delivered summer vocal training course alongside Black Voices Shereece Pemberton and Jewels the Band.  I had the pleasure of working with youth at  Gloucester Street COGOP. Then the following summer was commissioned as vocal coach for the same youth project alongside Wolverhampton Council.

Shadowed under the leadership of JJ Clyde Forde and Fitzroy Storrod at Birmingham Christian Centre. Helping to give vocal warm ups and teach songs to their children and conducting their youth choir.

Participated in Brinsford prison services, through Project 21 which involves taking the Sunday, Christmas, Easter or special services.  The inmates were rewarded with a special time of live music, worship and participation.