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James Crofts Profile Photo The George Michael Story

Early Introduction To Music

James Crofts has been a professional bassist for the past 17 years. From a very young age he was introduced to music by the records his parents played in the family home. The styles of music he listened to were very broad from The Moody Blues to West End shows.

James started his musical journey playing violin at the age of six and was classically trained. He joined several orchestras and enjoyed many years of performing in concerts. At the age of eight he started playing the clarinet and continued his classical studies.

It was on a trip to the theatre in Northampton when he went to see Vanessa Mae’s ‘Red Hot Tour’ that he saw this guy playing bass guitar. James was drawn in by the sound and how cool the guy playing it was. The man in question was PJ Phillips (now a great friend). It was after that show James started listening to more Rock, Funk and Metal bands.

It was not until the age of eleven, James got the chance to bring a bass guitar home from school. He was hooked! He soon wanted to stop all classical music studies and immerse himself in learning the bass. He had a few lessons but felt the best way to learn was to get out and join bands and teach himself.

One day after reading a ‘bass’ magazine he saw an advert to The Academy of Contemporary Music. He immediately booked an audition and was accepted once he had finished his A levels. He then had to wait almost 2 years to start his studies at ACM in 1998.

Young Jame Crofts

Music Career

After studying at ACM, Guildford in 1999, he started to pursue his musical career playing bass guitar for original artist Rob Reynolds.

In 2001 James joined Bon Giovi and toured throughout the world with the band for over seven years. He left the band to pursue other projects including working with two ABBA shows touring around the world and playing bass with original artist Aaron Luther.

In 2015 James re-joined Bon Giovi as ‘Hugh McDonald’.

James With Matt Goss

Introduction To George Michael

At the end of 2017 James departed from Bon Giovi to work on THE GEORGE MICHAEL STORY – James has been involved with this new exciting project from the very beginning.


James always listened to George’s work and the Wham! bass lines were a staple for a young bass player. Deon Estus was always an inspiration and James feels very honoured to be playing some of the great bass lines in this show.