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The George Michael Story A Tribute To George Michael

  • We had a fantastic evening on Saturday, George couldn’t have done better himself. Wonderful band and backing singers, a must see show😀

    Sue White Avatar Sue White

    Brilliant, up dancing from start to finish. would definitely recommend to go and see this show xxx

    Elaine Wright Avatar Elaine Wright

    A fantastic performance at Babbacombe by Steve and the band , just couldn’t believe how much he sounded like George, will definitely go again. They gave a professional 5 star performance would highly recommend it .

    Susan Shepherd Avatar Susan Shepherd

    I highly recommend that everybody see this amazing tribute to George …..Steve Mitchell what a voice very moving!

    Sylvia Leamon Avatar Sylvia Leamon

    Amazing!!! A MUST See show!

    Scott Marley Avatar Scott Marley

    Saw this last night it is a must for all George fans. It was absolutely brilliant and Steve sounded so much like him. All the band were excellent.

    Julie Tutchings Avatar Julie Tutchings

    What an amazing show last night in Babbacombe! Steve and the band were fabulous. Incredible voices. Numerous spine tingling moments. Great production and would highly recommend. 🥰😍💘

    Jane Phippen Avatar Jane Phippen

    A fantastic show for all the family. Exceeded expectations. What an amazing voice!

    Gaynor Cairns Avatar Gaynor Cairns

    Absolutely brilliant!! Everything about this show is fantastic. If you’re a George Michael fan, you’ll love it. If you’re looking for a great night out and want to listen to some of the best music of a generation, you’ll love it! Get your tickets and make a night of it. Thank you. Cx 💞

    Claudia Æ May Avatar Claudia Æ May

    A truly enjoyable show. Didn’t quite know what to expect, but it exceeded any expectations I had and then some. Great vocals that really blew me away! Had to take a few video clips to prove to my friends just how good it was! 😊

    Sophie Steele Avatar Sophie Steele

    amazing voice watched the show at babbacombe this guy can sing and he has george michaels voice spot on

    Steve Pickton Avatar Steve Pickton

    5 star performance, great evening remembering a great artist

    Paul Lewis Avatar Paul Lewis

    This performance was great. Went in with a very open mind, but was blown away by the vocals. Played lots of Wham! hits, then went through George's career, ending on a classic! I loved it, but it was a little emotional seeing George on the big screen behind the musicians. Great job!

    Lee Baillie Avatar Lee Baillie

    A brilliant show. They all did George Michael proud. Would definitely recommend anyone to go.

    Bev Oneill Avatar Bev Oneill

    Bought my partner tickets as an early Christmas present, but thought I'd be able to sit through it. However it was brilliant. All the vocals were spot on (and that includes the lovely backing singers) and the band were amazing. Steve Mitchell has a fantastic voice and this was a great tribute. Go and see this!

    Bonita Oliver Avatar Bonita Oliver

    Outstanding performance this evening in Babbacombe, Devon, 5 , deserves 10, totally recommend everyone to go and see this show.

    Val Singleton Avatar Val Singleton
  • Excellent show with superb vocals and musicians! Certainly did George proud!

    5 stars 😁

    Kathryn Roskrow Avatar Kathryn Roskrow

    Excellent, first class show. Loved it

    Miriam Drew Avatar Miriam Drew

    Just seen in Babbcombe brillant show, highly recommend. 5 stars lol

    Conall Ryan Avatar Conall Ryan

    What an absolutely fantastic show at the YMCA scarborough. Steve was amazing as George, such a great tribute, his backing singers and band were just fantastic. We had such a great night. If you haven't been to see this show yet then I really recommend you do, you won't be disappointed 😊

    Emma Blythe Avatar Emma Blythe

    your show was just fantastic thank you for sharing your love and passion with us last night. and I feel honoured to of met you after the show , you guys are amazing

    Kearon Harvey Avatar Kearon Harvey

    Great night and GEORGETASTIC, tribute to George, xx

    Beverley Mckeown Nutter Avatar Beverley Mckeown Nutter

    Absolutely brilliant show, would definitely recommend you go along and see for yourself, loved every minute of it x

    Tracey Francis Avatar Tracey Francis

    Really great show , have to say he really sounded like George Micheal and the singers and band were fab

    Stephanie Bowtell Avatar Stephanie Bowtell

    Went to see this last night for a friends birthday fav show amazing voice and a great band overall a must see

    Tracy Morris Avatar Tracy Morris

    Close your eyes , listen to Steve Mitchell’s voice - his rendition of George Michael’s songs are flawless. Add a fabulous live band and exceptional backing singers and you have a show destined for big things. Go to see it - you won’t be disappointed!

    Paul Reynolds Avatar Paul Reynolds

    I’ve been to 3 George Tribute acts. This one, the Legacy and Fastlove. I’d say this one is definitely the best. I’ve sang and danced all night. And this is from a Lovely! 💃💃

    Nicola Winspear Avatar Nicola Winspear

    Had a brill night in Sheffield.

    It was a 5 star performance

    Robin Wait Avatar Robin Wait

    Amazing voice, great value for money. Wonderful evening - thank you very much.

    Diana Abebrese Avatar Diana Abebrese

    All brilliant band backing singers and Steve was brilliant as george

    Kay Jackson Avatar Kay Jackson

    Excellent show.

    Superb from start to finish.

    Excellent vocals , backing singers brilliant and also the band.

    Go any see it !!

    Adrian Holyhead Avatar Adrian Holyhead

    Watched the show at The Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield last night....It was fantastic. Steve Mitchell is a brilliant singer & entertainer......the backing singers & band were fab too. Brilliant atmosphere celebrating the life of a truly great artist.

    Claire Bower Avatar Claire Bower
  • We had a fantastic time watching the show at the Montgomery Theatre Sheffield.

    Can’t recommend you enough.

    Come back and play at the City Hall it was truly amazing.

    Only found out about the show by accident looking for pantomimes.

    Not one person I have spoken to knows about this show.

    You need to advertise more you are so good you could do really well

    Please play Sheffield again

    Sally Wilson Avatar Sally Wilson

    Brilliant singers and band. Great atmosphere, and everyone was dancing and singing along.

    Angela Parkes Avatar Angela Parkes

    Great show, great voices, really enjoyable evening with amazing sound & lighting. Hope the show continues to grow as it’s a very entertaining night out.

    Zoë Marello Avatar Zoë Marello

    Great night in Sheffield truly brilliant show

    Chris Watts Avatar Chris Watts

    I never thought I would go to see anyone trying to be the great George. I did many researches as to who I thought was best and so glad it was the George Michael story. It is the only one that tells his story in the correct order and the videos was a touching fit. I was expecting 2 artists to perform but I'm more glad that it was only Steve. Its just a shame that he couldn't play a few more of my favs. Had tears a few times. Very very well done, you did George proud.

    Lisa Hooper Avatar Lisa Hooper

    sounded exactly like George Michael was a really good show and would highly recommend

    Anthony Chapman Avatar Anthony Chapman

    Excellent show went to see it at the Montgomery Hall Sheffield.Really loved how they combined real footage of George into the show. Well done guys n girls �

    Dawn Ager Avatar Dawn Ager

    Fantastic night in Sheffield last night, he has an amazing voice and definitely sounds like George. A must see �

    Jayne Kenworthy Avatar Jayne Kenworthy

    I went to see the Gorge Michael Story Band at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield last night and Steven was brilliant, his voice was amazing and sounded so like George Michael. The backing singers were also very talented. It was a brilliant night everyone was singing and dancing. I look forward to see long you in Leeds and my friend wants to hire you for her 50th birthday party. i would definitely recommend you see this band, they are brilliant xx

    Helena Gibney Avatar Helena Gibney

    What a voice. You won't be disappointed. Go see this show

    Paul Greenwood Avatar Paul Greenwood

    Great nights entertainment. A really professional show and a true tribute to GM

    Janet Standage Avatar Janet Standage

    Fabulous show,loved it, superb voice and brilliant band, what a great night!

    Julie Blunden Robson Avatar Julie Blunden Robson

    What a fantastic night, superb singing and the band was terrific. A truly 5 star performance. I closed my eyes a few times and George could have been in the room with me.

    Would recommend seeing this show.

    Please come back and make it The City Hall next time, it will sell out 👏🏻👏🏻 👏🏻 You did George proud. Thanks for a wonderful night x

    Tracey Stevenson Avatar Tracey Stevenson

    great atmosphere fantastic voice and band

    Addie Annabel Avatar Addie Annabel

    Great gig, band were tight, backing singers were amazing....Steve was George.....excellent

    Glyn Littlewood Avatar Glyn Littlewood

    it was that good I thought he was miming at first. fantastic

    Louise Roddis Avatar Louise Roddis